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4 August 2014

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Norfolk pine, old and new roofing on the falling-down shed. It's a rainy day with dull light. I grabbed the superwide and went out back to the old shed. Last night I was thinking that the long, graceful pine branches might look good against the roofing, so that's where I headed when the rain slacked.  I had been hoping that the piece of 3/8" rebar that I put on the gray roofing iron (because I couldn't think where else to put it) might show up. But I couldn't get the camera high enough and didn't want to go get a ladder, because it was starting to rain harder.


On the next clear day I'll supply a link to general images of the house and yard. It's hardly a secret. In a way, I think it's unimportant. But if I were the one looking at these images, I'd want a little orientation.