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3 August 2014

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A few weeks ago, I thinned the bamboo along the makai ("towards the ocean") side of the yard. We planted the bamboo in 2010 and it was expected to grow to 10-15 feet. Two clumps didn't get the message and grew to 30'. A few canes at that height are fine, but an entire clump didn't work. After I thinned them, it started to rain, and it's hardly stopped raining since then. I haven't been able to get the trailer down there and haul them away to Green Waste. And I wanted to give the Little Fire Ants time to find new homes. LFA are a recently-invasive species and a huge (and painful) problem. They've only been here (the neighborhood called Pi'ihonua) since 2010 or so, but they're well-established now.